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What Clients Say

"Talitha has been presenting “Love and Limits” to our parent community for many years, it is one of our most popular parent events, and we always look forward to her visits. Her ability to connect with each parent, listen to their challenges, and provide constructive and actionable solutions is truly unique. Her willingness to share her own parenting challenges reminds us that we are all in this together and that no matter how much experience you have with young children there is always more to learn and sometimes the best solution to a hard moment with a child is simply to take a deep breath!


I highly recommend Talitha to any family who is looking for thoughtful parenting support and ideas of how to bring Montessori into their homes for their children, as well as her lovely school for toddlers, Helping Hands; she is a true gem in our Montessori community!"

Joy Winters

Head of School

Casa Montessori Child Development Center, Inc.

"Talitha is an expert in Montessori school methods, a yoga teacher and a wonderful human being. She is always available for questions and concerns and goes out of her way to help her students and families."

Tina R.

“Yesterday morning I attended a fantastic parenting seminar titled: “Love and Limits”... 💓 [Talitha Green] touched on many challenges that parents face & gave us helpful advice & tools to handle stressful moments with more confidence & love. 💪🏼💜💚💛 This morning I have SURELY been put to the test, as it has been frustrating to say the least.... LOTS of deep breaths. One of my biggest challenges is when all 3 kids are begging for my attention at the same time. I’m ONLY ONE WOMAN people! Well, I decided to channel my “inner Talitha” and instead of raising my exasperated voice that I was busy making breakfast, I instead gave them a ‘VERY IMPORTANT TASK’: find me anything CIRCLE in the house.... “GO!!!” ⭕️
I watched as their looks of confusion turned to excitement as they busily headed off to hunt for circles. Immediately defusing the 3 whiny fuses clung to my legs! 💣💣💣 .... in that brief moment y’all: I had won the morning!!

Helping Hands Montessori Parent

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